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Step 1

  1. Boroughs, Academies, Schools, AEPs, PRUs and Local Authority departments to make initial contact with PHOENIXPLACE about the child/young person. (If we are approached directly by a parent/carer we will inform the LA/relevant bodies concerned before proceeding with process).

Step 2

  1. Potential pupils and their parent/carers or supporting professionals will be invited to visit the school to have an initial chat.

Step 3

  1. An interview date will be organised for the child/young person, parent/carer and appropriate professional to discuss all aspects of placement, e.g. attendance, assessments, attainments, pastoral history and any other relevant information. The interview stage will help to clarify whether we are able to meet the pupil’s needs and provide the school with essential information to design the correct support package academically and pastorally for the pupil. Admission will not be accepted without an interview.
  2. If there is a possibility for placement, staff from PHOENIXPLACE will arrange to visit the young person at their current educational establishment or if not in school, at home.
  3. Prospective pupils will be invited to spend 2 days at PHOENIXPLACE (this can be either full time or half days) as appropriate.

Step 4

  1. Once satisfied that we are able to meet pupils’ needs in full, we will contact referring authority to make a formal placement offer. It is up to the referring authority to accept/decline our offer.

Risk assessments are carried out on all pupils and a Home-school Agreement will be discussed and agreed with parent/carer or supporting professional where placement has been accepted.

If we unable to meet the needs of the child, a letter will be sent to the parent/carer and relevant professionals, outlining this decision.