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The aim of our pastoral care is to restore confidence in our pupils. We provide a safe, caring and supportive environment and the pastoral care for all our pupils is the responsibility of the PHOENIXPLACE community. It is of vital importance that staff and pupils are aware that the way in which we talk to each other, interact with each other and how we overall treat each other all contribute to the quality of the pastoral care.

We aim for our environment to be orderly and calm and we have high expectations of all community members to behave in a way that promotes this.

Tutors will play the major role in tutees pastoral care. Tutors will be first point of call for each of their tutees overseeing the three strands of pastoral care, these strands are;

  • Personal
  • Curriculum
  • Behaviour

Within our pastoral package, we offer a range of support for our pupils including;

  • Mentoring
  • Termly progress reports
  • Family work / home visits
  • Networking and collaboration with other professional agencies
  • Attendance monitoring